Cryptxxx malware is near extinction, due to Kaspersky white hats exposing and sending victims a free decryption tool, to recover the encrypted files.



why is this signficant?

  • The constant battle between researcher and malware writer is an ongoing war that is not calming down anytime soon. This ongoing battle is obvious in the latest case with Locky ransomware.  In this case, Locky distribution was hacked and a benign warning message replaced the demand message.
  • Shortly after Cryptxxx was discovered, Kaspersky hunted out the holes in a short period of time.  The malware writers then revamped and created a more sophisticated version that hit high profile websites with a malvertising campaign.
  • A ransomware epidemic is on its way, and we'll shortly find that defeating ransomware on a case-by-case will be futile. How should we address then these threats? Acknowledge that ransomware will get into your environment, but prevent them from doing any damage (e.g. tampering) to your data. 

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