Quick Reference:

  1. AT&T
    Question to ask: AT&T must add unique, differentiating security offerings if they want to generate more revenues as a value added telco. What type of security offering will they present to customers?

  2. Forcepoint, powered by Raytheon
    Question to ask: Forcepoint is most notable for their Data Leak Prevention (DLP). What is their go-to-market to wiggle out of that niche and showcase themselves as a one-stop shop against all threats?

  3. ZScaler
    Question to ask: ZScaler took stake in moving all to the Cloud. But now that all vendors have transitioned to a Cloud offering, what will be their next differentiation?

  4. Splunk
    Question to ask: While Splunk stores and processes massive amounts of alerts, it’s time to show real value to their customers. How do they plan to reduce the inconsumable amount to a manageable one?

  5. Okta
    Question to ask: While the CASB and IaM vendors were busy on their solutions, Okta snuck up behind them and drove straight past. What else has this innovative company got up their sleeve?

  6. Intel

    Question to ask: Nearly 5 years ago to the day, Intel acquired McAfee. They now sold off their McAfee’s network security line. Does this signify the market’s inability to adopt Intel as a provider of security solutions across the stack?

  7. Check Point
    Question to ask: Their move towards endpoint malware protection mimics that of their rivals that understand that in the current threat landscape, the firewall has become a conductor, reliant on the feeds of multiple enterprise security solutions. But will this tacked-on solution be able to sing well with a traditional firewall? Or did we just gain another stand-alone tool to maintain?

  8. Microsoft
    Question to ask: Rumor has it that they’ll be announcing a new security product during RSA. What will it be and how will it affect other security point-products that relied up until now on Windows’ limited security offerings?

  9. FireEye
    Question to ask: With the constant struggle to balance false positives vs. false negatives ratio, FireEye seems to lean on Mandiant and acquisitions. Do they plan on becoming a forensics company with a product suite, or is it the other way around?

  10. VMware
    Question to ask: While VDI greatly simplify ongoing operations, it does not deliver security. How are they planning to address concerns of a threat actor attacking the VDI environment?