enSilo – Version 2.7 SP1

enSilo,  a unified endpoint security platform providing pre and post infection detection and prevention capabilities to protect enterprises against breaches.  enSilo includes EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) capabilities, such as NGAV, and EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) features with real-time blocking of malware and orchestration capabilities to automate incident response . This  allows for advanced security functions and enables the SOC (Security Operations Center) to eliminate dwell time and respond to the breach in real-time post infection.  

enSilo's Version 2.7 SP1 transforms security operations by adding course of action and classification to better benefit SoC teams in reducing the dwell time, containment time and business impact.  Cyber security incidents are now orchestrated according to a customized user playbook that is determined based on event classification.  "These extended security orchestration features enable rich, pre-configured response actions, such as issuing a ticket, selecting notification methods and taking multiple remediation and containment measurements upon a single or cross-environment devices, to be applied as conclusive, automated responses upon the trigger of a specific event - all in a single endpoint security platform".  All of these new added features customizes the user's incident response experience, eliminating dwell time and gives flexibility to advanced investigation tool.

enSilo 2.7 SP1 addresses the excessive delay in discovering malicious activity by adding powerful orchestration capabilities, automated threat classification and real-time malware protection, so that security professionals can gain efficiencies in combating malware on the endpoint.  The amount of time it takes for a security team to identify and contain malicious activity in a network, typically takes 100 days. The Ponemon Institute conducts a yearly report and 2017’s Cost of a Data Breach reported:

  • The average cost of a data breach in 2017:  $3.62 million
  • The mean time to identify (MTTI):  191 days, with a range of 24 to 546 days
  • The mean time to contain (MTTC):   66 days with a range of 10 to 164 days.

“Both the time to identify and the time to contain were highest for malicious and criminal attacks (214 and 77 days, respectively) and much lower for data breaches caused by human error (168 and 54 days, respectively).” (Source: Ponemon Institute, 2017’s Cost of a Data Breach)

Automation is Key

enSilo, as the only post-execution platform that is accurate enough to stop zero-day, fileless, file based and next generation ransomware automatically in real-time regardless of the infection vector, continues to improve the platform at no extra costs to our customers. enSilo’s ongoing advancements ensure we comprehensively secure the endpoint with automated blocking-enabled detection and response against advanced malware, without further burdening cybersecurity staff.

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The real value of enSilo is that when you are attacked, enSilo will respond automatically and correlate all the indicators of compromise. Because we integrate so tightly with the operating system, integrating AI and machine learning algorithms, enSilo identifies cyber incidents immediately and can stop threats in real-time.  Like no other product, enSilo’s product has the ability to map inconclusive and suspicious processes and report the specific location in memory to assist cybersecurity staff with a better course of action. enSilo automates classification.

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