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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Cryptxxx Nearing Extinction

Cryptxxx malware is near extinction, due to Kaspersky white hats exposing and sending victims a free decryption tool, to recover the encrypted files.


Revenge of the Nerds: enSilo Featured as Gartner’s Cool Vendor

Being a technology vendor offering a cyber-security platform to businesses, it quite amazes me to be perceived as “cool”. If you visit our offices, you’ll hear cheers when a post-analysis of malware that we’ve just blocked shows it to be...

Furtim: The Ultra-Cautious Malware

Furtim is the latest stealthy malware, found in the wild, and its discovery is credited to @hFireF0X.

Clearly, Furtim’s developers were more interested in keeping their malware hidden from security’s prying eyes than hitting more targets....

Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Vulnerability in SAP

An old SAP vulnerability causes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue a US-CERT warning for the first time ever due to 36 organizations being affected.


Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: The Feds Issue Cyber Espionage Alerts

At the beginning of May, the FBI, DHS, and DoD all issued Cyber Espionage Alerts to private companies and contractors.  For all three government agencies to issue an alert simultaneously is not common.

Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Breach at Bay Area's Children's Association

May 5, the Bay Area Children's Association reported to the California Attorney General that an attacker compromised patient information after planting malware on the systems of its electronic medical record provider.


Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Vulnerable Pre-Installed Lenovo Component

A Lenovo flaw in a support application that typically comes pre-installed, leaves an open window for malicious code to be injected with system privileges.  If this happens with malicious intentions, this would give an attacker the ability to...

Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Infy - the Decade Old Malware

This week's news indicated that the possibilities for malware are endless. The new discovery of a decade old malware, dubbed Infy; the American Dental Association sent out thousands of USB's infected with malware to dental offices...

Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Malware Abuses Microsoft's HotPatching

This week introduced Microsoft's "hotpatching" technique being recycled and maliciously manipulated into an intrusion method from a cyber criminal team, Platinum. FIN6 another malicious team is back, tapping back into retail/hospitality PoS...