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Cyber Security in 120 Secs: Attacks on Banks

This week financial institutions need to be aware of a possible wave of new attacks based on EternalBlue exploits; WannaCry ransomware shutdown parts of LG's network; an increase in malware families affecting Mac devices have been detected.

Cyber Security in 120 Secs: If Ransomware Was a Serial Killer

This week Locky ransomware has come back from being dormant with serial killer attributes;   NotPetya is taking a toll on many companies such as  Maersk that admit the cost could be up to $300M; Gartner's forecasts $93B in information...

Cyber Security in 120 Secs: Cyber Security News Mix

This week HBO confirmed a data breach that included exposing episodes from HBO series prior to their release dates; CISO's will be concerned with the details from Cisco's latest report; According to a survey, 72% of companies are beginning...