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The world has been informed of Spectre and Meltdown.  Spectre and Meltdown are hardware flaws and/or vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to run unprivileged code to read from privileged memory....

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Cybersecurity Predictions 2018

This year is coming to an end.  The media headlines were constantly reporting massive attacks and breaches. We expect nothing less in 2018. 

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Predictions 2017: More Laws, More Breaches

In 2017, the new administration will push for more legislature around cybersecurity, but it will be ultimately ineffective.

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Predictions 2017: Enterprise Network Security Will Move to the Cloud

We predict that in 2017 enterprise network security will shift to the cloud and be offered as a service. (enSilo’s endpoint protection is already cloud-managed.)

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Predictions 2017: MSSPs Will Rule the Security Market

In 2017, we predict that the Managed Security Services Providers market will continue to grow as security vendors start to offer their own security services.

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Predictions 2017: The All-in-One Combo – EDR and EPP

In 2017, we predict that customers will mandate the integration of both Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities into a single one-stop shop...
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Revenge of the Nerds: enSilo Featured as Gartner’s Cool Vendor

Being a technology vendor offering a cyber-security platform to businesses, it quite amazes me to be perceived as “cool”. If you visit our offices, you’ll hear cheers when a post-analysis of...

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What Would You Do with $21 Million in Funding?

Call that the million dollar question. Literally. And it’s a question that was raised a lot today as we closed the second tranche of enSilo’s Series A financing, raising a total of $19 million for...

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Infiltration by Design

Threat actors use several techniques against which we cannot prepare our defenses in advance. I tend to call these techniques “Infiltration by Design”, since attempting to ward off the threat...

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Cyber Security 2016 Predictions: Amping the Traditional Cyber Kill Chain

I’ve been reading up a lot on 2016 predictions by analysts, peers and other vendors. While I agree with most of these predictions (moving towards a preventive approach, cyber-insurance guidelines...

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