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Udi Yavo, CTO, enSilo

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enSilo protects against “WannaCry” and stolen NSA Tools out of the box

Just weeks after the Shadow Brokers released the NSA Tools, the world has had its first taste of just how effective threats built with these tools can be. Beginning early on May 12th, a ransomware...

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ShadowGroup Reveals All? Initial Analysis of the Equation Group Dump


On Good Friday, April 14, The Shadow Brokers released to the public a bunch of powerful Windows’ exploits, tools and exploit kits used by The Equation Group – the group supposedly behind the NSA.

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WhatsApp With That: One Says Backdoor, the Other Says Feature

WhatsApp was under the limelight this week with news that they have allowed government backdoor access.

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Predictions 2017: Goodbye Flash. Hello Jscript.

In 2017, we predict that as Flash phases out, JScript will take its place as the leading browser-exploitation vector.

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Predictions 2017: Security Moves Down the Stack

In 2017, we predict that security – the good and the bad – will be moving down the stack.

Both sides — defense vs offense — are moving down the stack. On one side: the confidentiality, integrity...

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Predictions 2017: Targeted Ransomware

In 2017, we predict that ransomware authors will target mission-critical servers and PCs - within targeted departments.

By holding these sensitive devices hostage, ransomware authors will be...

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A Quick Debrief on Cyber Security for the Elected President


The United States is less than a week away from electing a new president. Cybersecurity has played a large part in the news leading up to the election — hacked and leaked political emails and...

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FindADetour: The Tool that Tests for Vulnerable Microsoft's Detours

Today’s Microsoft September Patch Tuesday includes a patch to what they had tagged as a fix for Microsoft Office. Behind the scenes, however, that fix extends beyond Microsoft Office to hundreds...

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Intrusive Applications: 6 Security Issues to Watch Out for in Hooking

For over a year our enSilo researchers have been looking into hooking engines and injection methods used by different vendors. It all started back in 2015 when we noticed injection issue in AVG...

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Captain Hook: Pirating AVs to Bypass Exploit Mitigations

TL;DR: We found 6(!) different common security issues that stem from incorrect implementation of code hooking and injection techniques. These issues were found in more than 15 different products....

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