AV-TEST Verifies that the Next Generation Antivirus Features of the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform Deliver 100% Pre-Infection Malware Protection

enSilo Provides a Comprehensive Pre and Post Infection Protection Platform All In One Single Agent Centrally Managed By a Unified Console. Independent IT Security Institute Certifies enSilo’s Pre Infection Next Generation Antivirus Protection Feature to Block 100% of Known Malware Attacks

enSilo, the company that protects endpoints pre and post infection to stop data breaches and data disruption caused by malware in real-time, today announced that the Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) feature included at no additional cost as a first line of defense in the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform have been certified by AV-TEST, an Independent IT-Security Institute,to protect Windows Client users from 100 percent of malware attacks.

The AV-Test evaluation determined that the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform’s NGAV features provide:

  • Best in class, 100 percent protection against malware attacks, including web and email threats (Real-World Testing)
  • Best in class, 100 percent prevention of widespread and prevalent malware
  • 0.001% false positive rate


AV-TEST is recognized internationally for its rigorous evaluations independently measuring the efficacy of antivirus (AV) and NGAV capabilities within endpoint security solutions. For more information, the results from the enSilo NGAV evaluation are available here. AV-TEST evaluated enSilo’s NGAV based on its ability to detect, prevent and protect against a wide range of malware attacks against Windows systems.

“enSilo’s Endpoint Security Platform outperforms every other endpoint solution on the market to stop both known and unknown malware types. Our unique approach combines real-time post infection protection features, automated endpoint detection and response capabilities with our own purpose-built kernel level pre-infection NGAV in a single lightweight agent. We added the machine learning based NGAV as a first line of defense to help organizations meet compliance requirements, like PCI/DSS and HIPAA, while lowering operational expenses that may derive by potential infiltrated attacks.” said Elad Horn, enSilo VP of Products. “These latest AV-TEST results reinforce the power of enSilo’s pre-infection NGAV as a first line of defence to filter-out known malware variations. Now when enterprises are looking for a comprehensive single agent with unified management, they can be assured that the enSilo pre and post infection protection Endpoint Security Platform will effectively address all needs namely filtering-out known malware types using certified AV-Tested NGAV and containing real-time unknown threats with post-infection features that have infiltrated the network.”

Adding to the dynamic pre and post infection protection capabilities of the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform, the company recently updated the solution (version 2.7 SP1) to give users the ability to apply tailormade, pre-configured incident response actions according to threat classifications and following the users’ incident response security policies. With these new automation and orchestration features enSilo users are able to filter-out or contain threats in real-time while eliminating costly breach response time, aka “dwell time”, delays that exist between the point of compromise and remediation. These features also save decision-making and response time for security teams who would otherwise have to overcome manual interpretation of alerts and the time lags inherent in remediating compromised devices.

Organizations need both pre and post infection protection capabilities with the ever-increasing risk of malware, ransomware, zero-day and other state sponsored malware attacks facing enterprise users in combination with recently discovered evasion techniques and code injections, like Process Doppelgänging and Atom Bombing, that impact specific Microsoft Windows features and revelations of critical flaws in key Microsoft APIs, represent a constantly growing threat to enterprises who rely on Microsoft infrastructure. As such, enSilo has dedicated significant resources to ensuring that the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform is able to automatically detect and eliminate malware that bypasses traditional pre-infection AV protection and halt unknown malicious threats post infection, in real-time, from infecting potentially susceptible Microsoft Windows systems.


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