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  • An effective and completely different approach to endpoint security
  • Easy to manage: automates on-going management of endpoint security
  • Builds confidence, leaving no afterthoughts


The two main objectives when searching for the ideal endpoint security protection services:

  1. To invest in a product with an easy to manage platform without being signature based.
  2. Effective endpoint security solution with the ability to support a “mobile workforce” 24/7.

Due to limited resources, and budget, this sports team’s security department was searching for an effective and easy to manage endpoint solution. An additional requirement: to support traveling devices (globally) of coaches and management.


Adjusting the team to a new security platform was a recognized challenge, but the previous solution was bogging down the team with an alert log making it impossible to identify critical alerts, creating a full-time job of managing the alerts. Critical alerts triggered by WannaCry were quickly identified by enSilo’s product and blocked out-of-the-box, not taking down any servers. This was confirmation of how effective enSilo’s endpoint solution is resulting in gaining confidence of the SOC team.

Initially, enSilo was tested with a “placebo” approach. A plethora of tests were rolled out in various stages, to identify any true problems. The various stages involved turning off the existing security solution, then turning it back on. The SOC team tested another solution resulting in a performance impact.


The SOC team was relieved of being bogged down and burdened by security alerts. The automated security solution gave the SOC team the ability to adjust their priorities and eliminated the need to run after every alert. The SOC team was surprised to see there wasn’t a performance impact at all and that a security product lived up to the “zero-performance” impact. After WannaCry hit peers in the Sports industry and negatively impacted business routines, enSilo’s preparedness for the WannaCry attack resonated as an effective endpoint security solution that protected customers out-of-the-box.


Many peers in the Sports Industry were hit by WannaCry and enSilo protected it’s customers, out-of-the-box from being hit. Dodging WannaCry with enSilo’s protection, clarified to the CIO the need to complete Phase 2 of the endpoint, adding “Alert Management”, completing the security project. enSilo is an effective endpoint protection solution and gives a high level of confidence to the end user, eliminating any security after thoughts.

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