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A cyber attack that hit the healthcare provider via a Christmas e-card, infected the CISO’s laptop.


Healthcare provider with a holistic healthcare approach promoting quality healthcare for patients and optimizing the patient’s own self-care sought a cybersecurity product with a similar mission.  Mission:  Continuity of care approach reduces length of hospitalization, simultaneously increasing quality of life and providing clear communication between the provider and patients.  The healthcare model is on target with enSilo’s cyber security objective:  Continuity of protection with pre-and-post infection protection reducing the risk of cyber infections, eliminating downtime and increasing the quality of real-time data protection with continuous monitoring coinciding with kernel visibility.  Effective communication increases quality endpoint threat prevention and detection, creating cybersecurity confidence.


A cyber attack that hit the healthcare provider via a Christmas e-card, infected the CISO’s laptop. Initially, deployed on 42 devices, in the largest campaign we ever detected with malicious activity stemming from Emotet Botnet.  As a result of this initial attack,  other connected devices, not protected by enSilo, located in the hospital and associated clinics were  at risk of exposure the Emotet Botnet.



Immediately, post deployment, the Emotet Botnet triggered and was identified, complete with remediation, stopping the botnet from spreading on the remaining devices installed with enSilo.  enSilo’s solution detected the botnet talking to command and control in at least 10 countries.  enSilo’s post infection, blocked Emotet from infecting the CISO’s laptop and stopped any possibility of spreading a potential cyber attack throughout the hospitals and associated clinics.


enSilo immediately gained the confidence of the CISO in blocking the Emotet botnet from spreading and causing damage to his laptop and preventing a potential healthcare organization cyber disaster including sustaining the integrity of their patients’ sensitive records.

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