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enSilo's single endpoint security agent provides both pre- and post-infection protection even when machines are compromised.


Protecting files, videos, live broadcasting from interruption is a CIO’s main objective when searching for endpoint security protection services. The antivirus previously installed on the endpoints did not have the ability to fully protect the systems from being attacked. The CIO is responsible for cyber security assessment of all endpoints belonging to the media company and sister channels.


Media companies broadcast live several times a day and protecting broadcasts from any possible targeted attacks is key. Evidence of a cyberespionage attack threatening media outlets through a phishing campaign spreading nationwide resulted in a need to implement enSilo on all endpoints.


enSilo’s product indicated that a device was already infected by a RAT (remote access trojan) in a targeted attack campaign created by a known terrorist group. enSilo was able to identify that the device was compromised when switching from detection mode to protection mode. enSilo’s post-infection protection blocked a malicious outbound connection in an already compromised device (prior to installing enSilo). During the POC process enSilo’s collector identified an already compromised workstation.


enSilo succeeded in destroying the RAT (remote access trojan) control by blocking command and control communication out-of-the-box. enSilo blocked the outbound communication of a known terrorist group in an already compromised device.


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