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Customers Say it Best - Electrical Manufacturing

Previously installed AV solution, not efficient at identifying infections, including ransomware


An innovative manufacturing enterprise seeking an endpoint security solution to protect their data from the consequences of external cyber attackers taking down production.  Consequences including ransomware and other malicious activity that could potentially freeze out the manufacturing process affecting production, eventually having a negative effect on the bottomline.


The pre-existing AV deployed was getting bypassed by a significant amount of malicious activity, resulting in a 3% infection rate on devices operated on legacy platforms.  Due to manufacturing processes depending on legacy platforms and operating their workspace activities poses a high risk indicator for manufacturing facilities of critical attacks.  Manufacturing facilities are constantly being hammered with ransomware, which creates loss of production and leads to loss of systems.



When WannaCry hit legacy platforms worldwide, halting manufacturing for world renowned manufacturers, enSilo’s solution not only triggered automated alerts, it blocked any malicious outbound traffic attempting to communicate with external communication and controls in real-time.  Rather than quarantine the 3% of the devices responsible for manufacturing, enSilo’s solution blocked malicious activity from spreading or corrupting the manufacturing line and allowed the infected devices to continue manufacturing without any service interruptions.


enSilo’s pre-and post-infection protection successfully installed a final line of defense on 7,000 endpoints, which then immediately identified 3% of the devices facilitating manufacturing, were infected prior to the enSilo deployment.  Legacy systems/Slimline laptops on the manufacturing floor continue to be a low hanging fruit for attackers and enSilo’s solution protected this manufacturing customer from feeling any consequences from infected devices. Post-infection protection successfully blocked malicious activity from compromising the manufacturing line which could have halted production.


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