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This week HBO confirmed a data breach that included exposing episodes from HBO series prior to their release dates; CISO's will be concerned with the details from Cisco's latest report; According to a survey, 72% of companies are beginning to identify the importance of endpoint solutions.


Highlighting the cyber-security news from the past week in a 120 sec. read. Starting now.

Data Breach

HBO was breached and thousands of documents were stolen which includes 1.5 terabytes of data.

Why is this significant?

      • The hackers stole several unreleased episodes of a number of shows, as well as the emails of senior HBO executives and personal information. Although, HBO denies the stolen emails, hackers warn of publishing on Sunday.
      • It’s not clear how long the hackers were in the system or what the target was, although this malicious act strongly resembles the 2014 Sony hack with seven times more information stolen.
      • Time will tell the extent of this breach and the cost of this breach will most likely resonate with HBO executives and their current positions at the company.

//**Time to think differently.  Protect the data on your endpoint. Detect and stop malware//**

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Cisco Report

Cisco’s 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report (MCR) has been published, which exposes a dramatic shift in the cyber-attack landscape that will concern many CISOs

Why is this significant?

      • Cisco’s reports identify the rapid evolution of threats and cyber-attacks. Cisco forecasts a new direction of cyber-attacks, (DeOS) attacks.

    • DeOS- “Destruction of Service Attacks”- WannaCry, Nyetya, NotPetya, are prime examples of how cyber-attacks can permanently damage companies.
      • Cisco executives admit that the sophistication mixed with the creativity of threat actors places threat actors ahead.
      • Cisco executives are emphasizing the importance of security effectiveness, making security a priority and closing security gaps.

Read the full report in Cisco


Survey Says

"72% of businesses plan for endpoint security budget boost"

Why is this significant?

      • Companies are beginning to realize the significance of deploying effective endpoint security and increasing their budgets to install security tools that: don't have to triage security alerts, identify threats, and remediate cyber-attacks.
      • The poll revealed a shocking thirty-seven percent say their traditional signature-based AV was excellent. Have these security professionals read the Cisco report?
      • The shift in the threat landscape, more fileless malware and many variations of malware hitting the scene, AV is just not enough to protect data from being stolen.

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