This week has seen at least one reported breach caused by a PoS malware for shoppers of Vera Bradley;  according to a SANS report, the financial sector’s #1 attack threat is reported to be ransomware, causing losses up to half-million dollars per firm; the upcoming U.S. presidential elections continue to be at risk due to lack of budget and poor cybersecurity.

Highlighting the cyber-security news from the past week in a 120 sec. read. Starting now.


Vera Bradley, a U.S. handbag manufacturer/retailer reported a breach caused by a PoS malware.

why is this signficant?

  • The breach was apparently detected by law enforcement last month.  After the notification, Vera Bradley hired a cyber-security firm to proceed with the investigation of the potential breach.
  • The forensic investigation revealed that customers that shopped within Vera Bradley stores (excluding online) during July 25, 2016 -  September 23, 2016, could have had their credit card details exfiltrated.
  • Luckily, Vera Bradley was notified only 2 months after the PoS malware was injected into their payment processing system.  There are many cases of PoS malware hitting and going undetected for years prior to discovery.  Unfortunately, once a system is compromised (especially with PoS malware), it shows threat actors that if there is a breach, there is a high chance of them getting through multiple times after the first initial breach.

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Ransomware Epidemic

According to a recent SANS report, ransomware is hitting the financial sector claiming #1 attack threat spot.

why is this signficant?

  • “More than 32% of financial firms say they've lost anywhere from $100,000 to a half-million dollars due to ransomware attacks.”
  • Cybersecurity is known to be taken seriously in the financial industry and to be the model industry for cybersecurity.   The financial sector was previously burdened with phishing attacks as the top attack threat and now ransomware is giving them a run for the money.
  • Ransomware could be used as a gateway to other attacks and makes a system more vulnerable to a secondary attack.  Back-up is always good to have, but very cumbersome when it comes to using it. Implementing innovative cybersecurity solutions is key to protecting valuable data. 

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Voting System Vulnerabilities

“More than, three-quarters of U.S. citizens will vote for their next president on paper ballots this November” This is due to the growing concern of cyber threats and lack of cybersecurity.

why is this signficant?

  • How will the lack of cybersecurity affect the integrity of a democratic society in the upcoming presidential elections?  The voting results are critical for democratic vitality of the U.S.’s growing population of 324M+.  Not only are the voting machines at risk, but also voter opinion changes that could occur based on campaign hacks bundled with email leaks, such as the DNC hack. 
  • The voting results and the process are at risk of manipulation caused by vulnerabilities in technologies causing some voters to turn back to paper voting.  Unfortunately, the out of date technologies that make up the voting machines are a swiss cheese of possible vulnerable ways to hack the vote.  Are there cybersecurity teams set-up to detect any potential infiltrators on Nov. 8?  If so, how accurate and fast is their detection?
  • Let’s face it, nothing is 100% protected, vulnerability exists.  Although, a combination of lack of budget and negligence of failing to enforce cybersecurity auditing in the voting machines (that will determine the next president of the U.S.A.), can only be counteracted by how inconsistent each state sets up their electronic voting process..

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