Cybersecurity in 120 Secs:  The Threat is Real

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This week we began seeing the domino effect of the NSA hacking tools that were released 2 weeks ago;  Chipotle Mexican Grill reported a breach on their payment system (PoS); Verizon's Data Breach was released and provides new insights including ransomware increasing by 50%.

Highlighting the cyber-security news from the past week in a 120 second read. Starting now.


Two weeks ago, Shadow Brokers released their second trove of NSA hacking tools and now we see the dominos fall.

Why is this significant?

  • There is evidence that the NSA tools released are spreading like wild fire in the Chinese and Russian Darknets.
  • Apparently, how to use these NSA tools are being shown in videos spreading on the Internet and critics say that they are a mix of being super sophisticated tools that “even my mother could exploit”.
  • Microsoft claims that there are patches to protect against these exploits, but the reality is there are many legacy systems supporting healthcare, financials (such as ATMs), manufacturing, PoS systems and smaller companies that fall short on security talent to update their systems.
  • Currently, HIPAA enforces any healthcare breaches to be published and we may see a rise in reporting due to these attacks if healthcare doesn’t jump on the ball of allocating funds to cybersecurity.

Read the full story on InfoSecurity.

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Data Breach

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced that their payment systems were compromised.

Why is this significant?

  • According to Chipotle’s CFO the breach occurred March 24 through April 18, 2017. The CFO, credits new security measures that they implemented that ultimately stopped “unauthorized activity”.
  • The investigation is still underway with a cyber security firm, law enforcement and the payment processor. If a payment system criminal is to get caught, the jail sentence can be as much as 27 years.
  • Prior to announcing the breach, Chipotle's stock jumped over 6%. Time will tell if the breach will affect more than just Chipotle’s payment systems.

Read the full story in Fortune.

Data Breach Report

Verizon’s Data Breach Report was released with the latest statistics and here are some highlights.

Why is this significant?

  • 51% — over half of breaches included malware.
  • “95% of phishing attacks that led to a breach were followed by some sort of software installation.”
  • Ransomware increased 50% compared to last year. Ransomware was 22nd most common malware back in 2014 and in 2017 it is ranked fifth most common crime.
  • “Perpetrators by outsiders” are behind 75% of data breaches.

Read the full report at Verizon Enterprise.

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