It’s time for enSilo’s data protection platform for Mac OS X.

We’re increasingly seeing Mac OS X -based devices entering the workplace. Large development and financial shops - traditionally a Windows OS-based environment, have now got teams running Mac OS X laptops. We’ve seen younger companies that from day one have decided to run employee machines solely on Mac OS X. And, we’ve seen the mix of operating systems, even within the same team within a company. No matter the size of the organization, the BYOD policy has resulted in enterprises embracing Mac OS X devices.

Unfortunately, this increase of Mac OS X into the enterprise has also given rise to advanced threats targeting also Mac OS X.

It is with today’s heterogeneous computing environment that we extended coverage of our real-time data protection platform to support also Mac OS X.  Given that infiltration is inevitable, we built our platform to prevent the consequences of a cyber-attack. The platform was built with four key benefits in minds:

  1. Real-time prevention. Prevention since detecting is one step too late – it won’t help us when the horses had already left the barn. Real-time to ensure that the horses are stopped on time.

  2. Ongoing uptime. Nowadays, organizations suffer from downtime during attack investigation and remediation. We made sure that the data is protected at all times from threat actors – even when they are already inside the organization. This way the platform enables systems to remain online during the attack while keeping data secure.

  3. Manageability. One thing we heard from the field loud and clear is alert inundation. Security teams are receiving thousands of those each week, leaving security teams to scurry in attempt to investigate all. By preventing the consequences of the attack (in other words, preventing the exfiltration or tampering of data), security teams receive just one alert per one active threat.

  4. No performance degradation. One of our customers raised best this concern. As he told us, his current security solution on the employee’s Mac OS X computer hinders employee productivity. The reason was that the solution they were looking to replace slows down the Mac device by 10%. In a 50 hour work-week, that’s a 5-hour slowdown, whereas each month they lose 20 hours which equates to two full days per employee. At enSilo, we see this type of productivity inhibitor as simply unacceptable.

With a strong R&D team driving us forward I’m glad to say that today we are able to offer these benefits also to organizations running Mac OS X-based devices.

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