enSilo Included in 2017 Gartner Market Guide for Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions

’Tis the season! enSilo is included in the 2017 Gartner Market Guide for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions.

Gartner recognizes 31 companies that provide their own EDR capabilities including: detecting sophisticated attacks, containing the reach of threats by defeating the execution of malware and other intrusions and rapidly remediating endpoints to a pre-infected state.

enSilo delivers these features recommended by Gartner and other advantages in its proven endpoint security platform.

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enSilo and other EDR tools are, at the base level, designed to: Detect, Investigate, Contain and Remediate Endpoints. These are the absolute basic requirements. If you’re evaluating all the EDR vendors, here are some things to consider from the guide:

  • Solutions need multiple security operations staff to run EDRs. enSilo doesn’t. enSilo needs one per 50,000 endpoints.
  • Investigations require time… and people and processes. enSilo doesn’t. We’ve automated the investigation process.
  • Solutions need complex processes for SOC staff to run an EDR. enSilo doesn’t require additional complications or processes. It simply works.

Market Recommendation: “Faster resolution of security alerts and faster incident response are key buying criteria for SOC Teams.”

enSilo is the only endpoint security product that:

  • Provides real-time post infection protection that stops the breach even when infected
  • Eliminates manual breach response costs through automation
  • Simplifies management of NGAV, EDR, threat hunting, forensics and incident response
  • Unifies traditional EPP, NGAV and EDR features into one single agent that is PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.

Test us and you’ll see no one beats enSilo.

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