How to Handle the Increase in PowerShell Attacks ?

Dealing with the full capabilities of PowerShell-based, fileless attacks is daunting.  The ability for PowerShell to run virtually invisibly on local systems as well as its ability to move throughout the Microsoft ecosystem makes it not only a challenging threat today, but one that will evolve rapidly.

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The Problem

  • Traditional endpoint security, AV and NG-AV are usually only focused on keeping the attacker out. The grim reality continues to be that for most organizations a breach is inevitable. And what the AV and NGAV solutions overwhelmingly fail at is preventing the damage that occurs after an attacker gets in anyway.
  • Once inside the enterprise, an attacker can locate sensitive data and tamper with it, as with the case of ransomware, or package and ship it to the darker parts of the Internet in seconds.

The solution

  • enSilo endpoint security platform delivers a new strategy for battling external cyber threats. Instead of blindly shielding all entry points, enSilo does what cyber security was supposed to be doing all along: protect the data.



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