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This MSSP increased its service offerings from Security Information Event Management (SIEM) to include Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and 24/7/365 incident detection and response delivered by a Security Operations Center (SOC) team. In addition to incident detection and response capabilities, the SOC team also supports compliance monitoring. The company expanded its protection services by partnering with enSilo.

This MSSP’s core business provides Security Information Event Management (SIEM) as a service. Recently, they added Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as a service and established a Security Operations Center (SOC) team to enable incident response 24/7/365. The SOC team delivers threat detection capabilities, protecting companies against cyber threats and addresses compliance. The objective of the MSSP’s President is to solidify protection by expanding out to other solutions, opening the partnership with enSilo.  

THE challenge 

While the MSSP has an extensive list of customers across multiple industries, a specific customer in the manufacturing industry presented a challenge – how to protect a large number of devices, running a mix of legacy operating systems, without an army-sized security team. In addition, the customer was specifically concerned about the risk of malicious code entering the company via files coming in from outside the company.



Recognizing the unique IT challenges in the manufacturing industry, the MSSP recommended deploying the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform as a managed service. With its lightweight agent and broad support for legacy platforms, enSilo makes it easy to deploy and manage security without needing to hire an army of people. Also, the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform integrated with the MSSP’s SIEM platform, establishes an additional level of security and value.


The MSSP is helping remove complexity from security operations while providing their clients with the most comprehensive real-time cyber threat defense. enSilo comprehensively secures the endpoint while automating/ orchestrating detection, prevention, and real-time response against advanced malware. The ability to ensure zero-dwell time, while continuously monitoring and remediating contained threats, improves the security and resilience for an MSSP.



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