No Penalty for Failure

If you have data of value – and you probably do – someone is eventually going to try to steal it. Because time and technology are usually on the side of the attacker, they’ll probably be successful. It doesn’t matter that you have the industry’s best tools, or that your security is wrapped up in banded layers of iron and firewalls, when someone big enough or smart enough wants in, they’ll find a way.


Worse – you probably won’t even know they were there until the data goes on sale somewhere. You’ll find out after the fact and you’ll wonder why all of those dollars you spent on security hardware and security consultants and “hardening” (whatever the heck that is) appears to have done absolutely nothing.

That SIEM you deployed? Useless. Millions of alerts every single day and the one that could have warned that you were about to get breached was the one your SOC staff happened to ignore. Speaking of alerts, what the heck? If you had a dime for every alert you received in a 24-hour period, you wouldn’t need your job anymore.

It’s as if there isn’t any barrier to how and when and who can target you.

In truth – there really isn’t. For the attacker there’s almost no penalty for failure. Sure, the really dumb ones will get caught, but while law enforcement is busy taking the low hanging fruit away in handcuffs, the really smart attackers are still hard at work figuring out how to get in. And those guys? They’re slick, they’re smart, and they’re quieter than a prototype Russian sub piloted by a renegade captain with a grudge against the politburo.  

So no matter how many times your IDS or SIEM alerts you and your team, or how many times you actually manage to stop an attacker before they break into your corporate cookie jar, the bad guys will keep coming back.

And eventually – they’ll get in.

So an attacker got in...

The how doesn’t matter, maybe it was a successful phishing attack, or maybe that free thumb-drive you picked up in the parking lot had a dropper program installed on it. Regardless -  the bad guys are in and they’re looking to cause trouble.

Now what?

For most organizations - this is game over. This is when the security folks start pulling systems off the network and the PR team starts sweating over a press release and wondering whether the phrase “data breach” is less irksome than “data loss”.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not if you use enSilo.

Because it’s after the breach that enSilo’s strength as a real-time Data Protection Platform truly shines. We protect your data after the inevitable occurs. It’s almost like turning your entire enterprise into one big honey pot. Attackers might get in, but once they’re in place – they can’t do anything.

Here’s how it works.

On each of your endpoints there is a collector. The collector is actively listening to the OS level chatter that goes on between applications and services. What it’s looking for are certain actions to occur, for example: requests to write to a file or open a communications channel. When it intercepts these particular calls, it passes the information off to the enSilo Core. Core can evaluate the request and based on the metadata included can determine whether or not to allow the function to complete.

Because enSilo sits between the operating system and the ecosystem of its files, processes, and applications, it is able to continuously update its metadata on running processes throughout their lifecycle. This ongoing evaluation is part of what allows it to readily recognize bad actors so quickly. Unauthorized actions are recognized, silently eliminated, and reported with a single alert. This allows security staff to conduct forensics or additional remediation without completely shutting down legitimate application functions. Our security is policy based so we’re not denying based on signatures or behavior – or anything that an attacker can change each time they modify their malware.

The best part is that “out of the box” enSilo can stop the latest exploits - even dreaded zero-day attacks. But don’t just take our word for it The best part is that “out of the box” enSilo can stop even the latest exploits – even dreaded zero day attacks. But don’t just take our word for it – Contact us for more information or better yet – SCHEDULE A DEMO to see how we combine cutting edge application security with a completely new way of protecting your sensitive data.


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