Today, we are announcing the completion of our A Round funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with an additional investment from our existing backer, Carmel Ventures. The latest threat campaigns and breaches have demonstrated that where there’s a will, there’s a way – a persistent, targeted attacker will eventually succeed to infiltrate an organization. Ultimately, this investment stands as a stamp of validation on the need for exfiltration prevention. For a practical overview on exfiltration prevention, we’re offering a free month of reporting on exfiltration attempts – see details at the end of this post. With proof that our product already delivers on its promise – having it deployed at various customer sites, this A Round will enable us to invest in our continued mission to deliver a top-notch experience to our customers.

Our Customers Come First

Placing customers first should be obvious. We are a lean start up that was focused on building the company from scratch throughout the past year. We’re the first to admit that we could not respond to all of the early demand and requests. 

You’ll find us now:

  • Closer and more available. We’re not the huggable types, but yes – we’re moving our HQ to US West Coast to be closer to you. Working in NY? We’ve got that covered too as we’re expanding our US presence through a strong sales team coupled with strong security engineers to guide you from the high level to the bits and bytes.
  • Delivering effective communication and support. We know that you have your preferred established relationships – those that you trust to help you implement your security strategy. We’ll continue to build out our channels support so you can work with your trusted partners. In parallel, we’re also anticipating gaining that trusted relationship with you.
  • Providing smoother orchestration. In today’s security world, each vendor parades its unique dashboard, reporting format, and stand-alone model. Building a revolutionary approach for advanced targeted attack protection, we are occasionally guilty of that behavior too (seriously, you have to see our amazing simple dashboard!). We understand the frustration, and have made it a priority to increase technological partnerships in order to deliver a more secure enterprise without the need to scurry between products.
  • Meeting expectations. Customers come in all shapes and sizes with divergent strategies and priorities when it comes to handling advanced targeted attacks. No matter how you view your security strategy, we’re here to listen and respond. Our teams, from sales and security engineering to support and product, are aligned to serve.
  • Enhancing our platform. “Love your product but just wish it had…”.  We’re growing our R&D team so that we can continue delivering new features and capabilities that you will eagerly adopt. Usability? Manageability? Scalability? We’re making sure that all will be covered to enable you to effectively defeat advanced attackers.
  • Leading with security research and education. You’ve got to be a security buff to be in this business. Aside from the intrigue of malware campaigns, you need to understand the security landscape to increase security posture and stay compliant with old and new regulations. We’re committed to keeping you up to date with latest research and have already released some of our research – from high-level executive summaries  to technical deep dives. Stay tuned for more as we invest further in this field.

Inviting You All for a Demo

At heart, we are security geeks so forget opening champagne bottles in celebration of our A Round.   

Instead, I’d like to extend an invitation to schedule a 1x1 demo of enSilo’s exfiltration prevention platform. 

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