Class Dismissed: 4 Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in Windows

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Today, Microsoft released their latest Patch Tuesday. This Patch includes a fix for CVE-2015-2363, a complementary patch to CVE-2015-2360 from last month. The two CVEs together bundles within themselves IMPORTANT-rated exploitable vulnerabilities which we responsibly disclosed to Microsoft.

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Our Series A Funding: What it Means for Our Customers and Prospects

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Today, we are announcing the completion of our A Round funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with an additional investment from our existing backer, Carmel Ventures. The latest threat campaigns and breaches have demonstrated that where there’s a will, there’s a way – a persistent, targeted attacker will eventually succeed to infiltrate an

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MS June Patch Tuesday: Double Trouble in the Microsoft Kernel.

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Today is the Microsoft June Patch Tuesday. In particular, the patch includes two kernel exploitable vulnerabilities that enSilo researchers had reported to Microsoft just less than two weeks ago. Both vulnerabilities were filed together under CVE-2015-2360, ranked as IMPORTANT. These two vulnerabilities date back to the old – yet already

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“Selfie”: A Tool to Unpack Self-Modifying Code using DynamoRIO

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TL;DR: In this blog post we describe Selfie, a tool we have developed that automates finding the OEP for a majority of malwares packed with self-modifying code. The Selfie tool is now open-sourced, compiled to 32-bit, and can be found here.

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The 10 RSA Talks to Get the Most Out of the Conference

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I’ve just completed one of the most difficult pre-RSA tasks… narrowing the list of talks to attend during the RSA SF 2015. I was able to nail mine down to the 10 that I found not only most beneficial, but also engaging.

I tried spreading it over the week as much as possible to fit in also meetings and walk the expo floor. Hopefully, this list

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NanoCore RAT: It’s Not 100% Original

Research, Windows, Malware, RAT, enSilo Corporate and Product

A few days ago, a cracked full-version of the NanoCore Remote Access Trojan (RAT) tool was leaked.

With scarce existing documentation of NanoCore we decided to investigate ourselves NanoCore’s core set of features and techniques. (We do this as part of enSilo’s development of the best endpoint security software.) What we found was that although

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AVG: A Case-Study in Vulnerability Disclosure

Research, enSilo Corporate and Product

Our research team responsibly disclosed a severe vulnerability in AVG Internet Security 2015 build 5736 + Virus database 8919 released January 13th 2015.

Within just two days of disclosure, on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 – AVG released a patch to its user base.

AVG’s response to this flaw is something we should all learn from. It stands in dark

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Vulnerability Patching: Learning from AVG on Doing it Right.

Vulnerabilities, Windows, enSilo Breaking Malware


As part of our research, we analyze the intricate relationship between Anti-Virus and Operating Systems (OS). During this process, we came across a vulnerability in AVG Internet Security 2015 build 5736 + Virus database 8919 released January 13th 2015.

The vulnerability? The affected AVG product had allocated a memory page with RWX

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Yet Another Cyber-Security Startup?

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I’m excited to announce that today we’ve officially launched enSilo, a cyber-security startup dealing with today’s state of advanced targeted threats. With a few hundred cyber-security startups worldwide, and hundreds of other corporate security vendors, undoubtedly the question on everyone’s mind is: “Another cyber-security startup… Haven’t we

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CVE-2015-0057: The 1-Bit that will Bring Windows Down

Research, Windows, exploit, enSilo Corporate and Product

enSilo’s research team has identified an exploitable privilege escalation vulnerability which enables a threat actor to run code of their liking on the Windows kernel. (enSilo really, really knows endpoint security!)

The vulnerability was patched today as part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. The vulnerability, CVE-2015-0057, is rated as

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