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WannaCry Jr. : The Little Ransom That Couldn't

Earlier today, we caught a new in-the-wild version of what seemed to be WannaCry. A check with VirusTotal showed that this sample hasn't been seen before. After a brief investigation, we can...

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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs:  A Cyber Weapon Disguised as Ransomware

This week NotPetya ran a campaign that was intially thought to be ransomware shutting down computers worldwide; A researcher revealed that Microsoft's new Surface laptop can be interupted by...

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The NotPetya ‘Not’ Killswitch

In the past few days a new Petya-like ransomware, dubbed NotPetya, infected machines across the world by leveraging some of the NSA’s exploits for the SMB protocol (EternalBlue, EternalRomance),...

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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Microsoft Patches Legacy Systems

This week we witnessed Microsoft pick up the ball to patch legacy systems against ESTEEMAUDIT; a fileless malware campaign is targeting U.S. restaurants; researchers discovered a new malware that...
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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Heard of Post-Infection Protection?

This week a report indicated cyber-attacks are up 200% with the top targeted industry being healthcare; Zusy malware is being paired with a spam campaign, enticing users to open attached...
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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Data Breaches & Stealthy Patches

This week, the extent of Chipotle's data breach was brought to light;  Kmart's payment systems was affected by another data breach of credit/debit cards;  Microsoft patched a critical...
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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Preventing The Consequences

This week enSilo issued a free patch in preparation for cyber attackers exploiting ESTEEMAUDIT; WannaCry may have left the headlines, but it still lingers as criminals integrated it in tech-scams;...

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enSilo Releases Free Patch for Windows ESTEEMAUDIT Exploit

Today, enSilo has issued a patch that protects these vulnerable users from Windows' ESTEEMAUDIT, a remote desktop protocol (RDP) vulnerability that leaves users exposed to ransomware, espionage...

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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs: Worldwide Infection.  TO BE CONTINUED...

This week we saw the impact of exploits that the ShadowBrokers released that assisted in the WCry/WannaCry Ransomware attack that was felt worldwide; ShadowBrokers advertise releasing more...
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WannaCry Patching: Clean up in Aisle 3

So, if you’ve been keeping up with current events, you know that a nasty bit of malware backed by nation state quality tools just had its way with more than 70,000 systems worldwide. It was an...

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