GlobeImposter Ransomware

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GlobeImposter Ransomware

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Customers Say it Best - Healthcare

enSilo Corporate and Product, Emotet Botnet

A cyber attack that hit the healthcare provider via a Christmas e-card, infected the CISO’s laptop.

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Don't Have A Meltdown Over Spectre

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The world has been informed of Spectre and Meltdown.  Spectre and Meltdown are hardware flaws and/or vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to run unprivileged code to read from privileged memory.  Due to Spectre and Meltdown being hardware flaws there are alarms and red flags running wild.  Three things to consider to block malware from

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Cybersecurity Predictions 2018

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This year is coming to an end.  The media headlines were constantly reporting massive attacks and breaches. We expect nothing less in 2018. 

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Excel ScriptLet Attack Blocked By enSilo

enSilo Corporate and Product, excel-scriptlet, Windows, Malware

On December 8, 2017, enSilo, a unified endpoint security platform that provides both pre- and post-infection protection in real-time, blocked a new attack technique used to exploit the linked file mechanism in Microsoft Excel. During the time of detection, a spreadsheet file PAYMENT DETAILS.xlsx was used to run the malicious code on the

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enSilo’s Process Doppelganging Security Check

enSilo Corporate and Product, Process Doppelganging, Malware, Windows


Process Doppelganging is a technique that allows bypassing real-time file scanning of all tested AV and NGAV products on Microsoft Windows starting from Windows Vista. It was first shown by a team of researchers from enSilo during BlackHat Europe 2017 on December 7th in London.

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Webinar: Process Doppelgänging Blocked by enSilo

enSilo Corporate and Product, Process Doppelganging, Windows, Malware

enSilo is real-time endpoint security software that protects against Process Doppelganging (and lots more). See the on-demand webinar of Lost in Transaction: Process Doppelganging featured at BlackHat Europe.

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Scarab Ransomware Blocked by enSilo

enSilo Corporate and Product, Ransomware, Scarab, Windows, Malware

CUSTOMER ADVISORY WARNING: During June 2017, the Scarab ransomware was detected for the first time by several security professionals. Scarab ransomware spreads to victims across the world via necurs, which is the largest email spam botnet spreading across the Internet. (Protection from this and other malware is why you should use enSilo's

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Customers Say it Best - Hospitality

enSilo Corporate and Product, hospitality, Ransomware, Malware

enSilo stops malware post-infection real-time from causing harm and tampering or exfiltrating data from your endpoint.

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CryFile - From 0-Day to detection in 48 hours

enSilo Corporate and Product, Ransomware, CryFile, Windows, Malware

CUSTOMER ADVISORY WARNING: A new variant of CryFile ransomware.
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