Revenge of the Nerds: enSilo Featured as Gartner’s Cool Vendor


Being a technology vendor offering a cyber-security platform to businesses, it quite amazes me to be perceived as “cool”. If you visit our offices, you’ll hear cheers when a post-analysis of malware that we’ve just blocked shows it to be unique, and happy shouts when our developers announce our platform’s support of a new computing platform. Heck, we even played charades at our latest company event.

Right now, I’m doing my little dance and chant ritual, as we’ve been recognized as “cool” by Gartner placing us in the same fraternity with others such as Nest, Evernote, DropBox and even Instagram.

It gets even better since I did some background homework to see how Gartner actually considers a Cool Vendor. This is what they had to say: “You can organize past Cool Vendors into two main groups. Ones that offered a new technology or approach to better solve existing problems and others that offered innovative solutions to solve new problems. But vendors are not selected as Cool Vendors simply because they have interesting technology. It is mostly because of the growth and success of their company in using technology differently to solve customer problems resulting in tremendous traction.”

Oh boy, this really makes me feel proud.

But enSilo does not Solve a New Problem

The problem of advanced targeted attacks is not new. We saw it back in 2009, with Operation Aurora where attackers targeted Google, in 2010 with Stuxnet hitting Iranian nuclear power plants, in 2011 against RSA’s SecureID and from there the lists of targeted attacks just explodes.

Where does this leave us? Gartner Cool Vendor acknowledges enSilo for a “new technology and approach to better solve existing problems.”

Beginning with approach, enSilo’s assumption is that threat actors are already inside the organization. There’ll never be that solution that can eradicate the existence of threat actors. The idea then is to live with the threat and ensure that data remains secure, productivity continues as-usual, while knowing that the threat actor remains within.

We claim that day and night – from our initial encounter with end-users through the whole lifecycle of customer engagement. We founded enSilo about 1.5 years ago, and in the past few months I’ve been witnessing a change – prospects, customers, analysts and even other vendors are starting to declare that precise premise on which we were founded: infiltration is inevitable.

That industry wave just validates what I’ve always believed in: it’s time to reconsider our cyber-security approach. And that’s what enSilo offers - the ability to prevent the consequences of the attack. In other words, prevent the actual theft or tampering of data.

Incredibly, a year before starting out enSilo, SANS researchers were already discussing effective approaches to combat cyber threats: “First, stop the exfiltration of data, and then stop the lateral movement of the adversaries. Then, stop the data collection and try to limit the capabilities for them to be able to fool your domain admin”. This was a SANS approach, not a technology - yet.

A Platform Driven by Research

Putting this approach into the making is where our superiority came into play. enSilo is research-driven from day one. Our research into operating systems and advanced threats has revealed that an advanced threat will violate a legitimate operating system instruction in order to remain stealthy and unobtrusive. These violations are buried deeply within the operating system flow and as such, it is most difficult to trace or detect them mainly in real time.

enSilo’s researchers further found that correlating operating system’s outbound communication or file modification instructions with the respective ancestry operating system instruction flow, tightly indicates a malicious activity, once violations are found within the operating system instruction flow.

These research findings allows enSilo’s platform to stop and prevent data theft and tampering and pinpoint the violations, which are the smoking gun evidence. By doing so in a deterministic manner, not only can malicious connection or file modification be blocked in real-time, but it also assures accuracy so that legitimate communications and file modifications can continue as usual.

The Chicken or the Egg: Cool Vendor or Market Demands

Gartner admits that eventually a crucial cool ingredient is customers. I’m sure that our 30+ engaged customers had a significant say on this accolade. I even know that cool means re-inventing yourself, offering more to the customers. That’s why throughout the year, we will be releasing enhanced offering and expansion to our platform. I suggest you follow us to see what’s coming next.

The last remaining thought on coolness (though my peers tell me that dwelling on coolness is simply not cool…) is what comes first – customers that indicate we’re cool or now that we’re cool we’ll bring more folks in. It’s the B2B “the chicken or the egg” dilemma. It’s probably one of those rare opportunities to experiment a thousand old conundrum, so let’s put it to test - feel free to spread the news of enSilo’s new Gartner Cool Vendor 2016 status.

We think complete endpoint protection is cool.

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