NGAV & You. The Simple and the Complex


So, here at enSilo we’ve been big proponents of peeling back all the layers of security you need to protect your enterprise. We believe, and continue to prove that our endpoint solution is one of the only means of protection that most companies will ever need. 

With a solution that is fast, effective, and thorough in its protection, the need for massive, multi-layered security infrastructure supported by a small army of security professionals disappears.

So for some, our latest announcement might be a little confusing. You see, we added a layer ourselves.

With our latest release, enSilo has added its own Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) to our endpoint protection platform.

Now let’s ignore the fact that it’s an amazing piece of software and look at why we did this.

First off – it makes good sense; with NGAV as part of our total package we provide more value to our customers by giving them something they already need as part of our standard solution. That alone is big ++ to total cost of ownership and return on investment.

But let’s look briefly at some of the other reasons that NGAV + enSilo = Awesome.

Endpoint Hygiene

Keeping an endpoint clean of infections reduces the overall remediation labor. Although our Post-Infection Protection automatically stops malware from moving or communicating outside the operating system, it still makes sense to have NGAV taking care of those initial cleanup duties to keep endpoints running and save any future remediation efforts

Our NGAV filters out the low hanging fruits and is your first line of defense. This is followed by our patented Post Infection Protection that only inspects actions that may pose a threat to your data. So even if an infection takes hold on an endpoint, our Post Infection Protection keeps it from moving or communicating or executing file actions that could modify or encrypt your data. With the malware isolated and unable to function, it can be remediated at the user’s leisure.


Why is everyone adding NGAV to their platforms? Compliance. No matter what an endpoint solution provides, regulatory and compliance requirements demand that companies have some form of antivirus. This makes good sense, but here at enSilo, we’d prefer you get to keep your solutions simple and manageable under a single pane of glass. So NGAV is part of our solution, and there is no extra charge for it. This means when you have a replacement project we can cover compliance as well as give you post-infection protection that really matters.

Simple vs. Complex.

Even though we hate to say it like this it is true: we want to provide your first and last lines of defense. enSilo understands the need for continuous operations in today’s business environments, so we not only protect against the most complex attacks, we do it in such a way that you can keep working even if your system is infected.

So when your competitors are forced to shut down their operations because of a nasty malware infection, you can keep working, while knowing your data is secure, the threat is neutralized, and that you have full remediation and forensic detail available just a button click away.

enSilo focuses on the key tenants of protection and prevention without stopping or slowing your productivity, or your security professional’s ability to operate in a complex, dispersed environment.

We’re easy to deploy, lightning fast, cloud capable, and feature for feature bring more value for your money than any other solution out there.

But don’t just take our word for it. Call us – bring us in for a visit. Make us prove it. We know you’ll like what you see.

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