The NotPetya ‘Not’ Killswitch

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In the past few days a new Petya-like ransomware, dubbed NotPetya, infected machines across the world by leveraging some of the NSA’s exploits for the SMB protocol (EternalBlue, EternalRomance), similarly to the WannaCry attack last month. This attack overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) and encrypts the file-system, rendering the system

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enSilo protects against “WannaCry” and stolen NSA Tools out of the box

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Just weeks after the Shadow Brokers released the NSA Tools, the world has had its first taste of just how effective threats built with these tools can be. Beginning early on May 12th, a ransomware variant using the EternalBlue exploit for Microsoft Windows, began spreading like wildfire, locking down businesses and users in more than 90

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Cybersecurity in 120 Secs:  The Threat is Real

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This week we began seeing the domino effect of the NSA hacking tools that were released 2 weeks ago;  Chipotle Mexican Grill reported a breach on their payment system (PoS); Verizon's Data Breach was released and provides new insights including ransomware increasing by 50%.

Highlighting the cyber-security news from the past week in a 120 second

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NSA Tools vs. enSilo

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See enSilo take down a nation-state quality attack tool, and stop it from stealing information on a compromised victim machine.

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