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WannaCry Patching: Clean up in Aisle 3

So, if you’ve been keeping up with current events, you know that a nasty bit of malware backed by nation state quality tools just had its way with more than 70,000 systems worldwide. It was an...

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enSilo protects against “WannaCry” and stolen NSA Tools out of the box

Just weeks after the Shadow Brokers released the NSA Tools, the world has had its first taste of just how effective threats built with these tools can be. Beginning early on May 12th, a ransomware...

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NSA Tools vs. enSilo

See enSilo take down a nation-state quality attack tool, and stop it from stealing information on a compromised victim machine.

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NGAV & You. The Simple and the Complex

So, here at enSilo we’ve been big proponents of peeling back all the layers of security you need to protect your enterprise. We believe, and continue to prove that our endpoint solution is one of...

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Day Zero and the Death of Whitelisting

>Zero Day

Why enSilo? Easy – because we stop zero-day malware on day zero.

I mean – lots of companies say they can stop zero-day malware, and truth be told, they probably can. But they’re not...

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No Penalty for Failure

If you have data of value – and you probably do – someone is eventually going to try to steal it. Because time and technology are usually on the side of the attacker, they’ll probably be...

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How is enSilo Taking on the Global Market? Read Our Fortune Article

enSilo is growing! ...and having an international cyber-security team is critical to our success.

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Revenge of the Nerds: enSilo Featured as Gartner’s Cool Vendor

Being a technology vendor offering a cyber-security platform to businesses, it quite amazes me to be perceived as “cool”. If you visit our offices, you’ll hear cheers when a post-analysis of...

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What Would You Do with $21 Million in Funding?

Call that the million dollar question. Literally. And it’s a question that was raised a lot today as we closed the second tranche of enSilo’s Series A financing, raising a total of $19 million for...

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enSilo’s Real-Time Data Protection Platform: Now for Mac OS X

It’s time for enSilo’s data protection platform for Mac OS X.

We’re increasingly seeing Mac OS X -based devices entering the workplace. Large development and financial shops — traditionally a...

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SANS review of ensilo



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