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Sedating the Watchdog: Abusing Security Products to Bypass Mitigations

tldr; design issues in various security products, such as anti-virus, make it significantly easier for threat actors to bypass exploit mitigations. In particular, we found a prevalent flaw where...

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A Technical Breakdown of ModPOS

ModPOS is the latest in the string of POS malware that’s making the news. As its family name implies, this malware is intent on one: stealing credit card information.

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Moker, Part 2: Capabilities

A few days ago, we published a blog entry on an advanced malware – Moker, and discussed the different challenges that Moker placed to avoid detection and anti-dissection.

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Moker, Part 1: dissecting a new APT under the microscope

Recently, we came across Moker, an advanced malware residing in a sensitive network of a customer. Since the malware did not try to access an external server, but rather tamper with the system...

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Class Dismissed: 4 Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities in Windows


Today, Microsoft released their latest Patch Tuesday. This Patch includes a fix for CVE-2015-2363, a complementary patch to CVE-2015-2360 from last month. The two CVEs together...

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“Selfie”: A Tool to Unpack Self-Modifying Code using DynamoRIO

tl;dr: In this blog post we describe “Selfie”, a tool we have developed that automates finding the OEP for a majority of malwares packed with self-modifying code. The tool itself is now...

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Vulnerability Patching: Learning from AVG on Doing it Right.

Updated March 25: added a proof-of-concept video

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One-Bit To Rule Them All: Bypassing Windows’ 10 Protections using a Single Bit

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