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Cybersecurity in 120 Secs: Cost of a Data Breach (NotPetya Domino Effect)

This week we have been seeing the domino effect from cyber attack, NotPetya, some are questioning the differences/similarity between the WannaCry ransomware attack; there is now one case of...

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Cyber-Security in 120 Secs:  A Cyber Weapon Disguised as Ransomware

This week NotPetya ran a campaign that was intially thought to be ransomware shutting down computers worldwide; A researcher revealed that Microsoft's new Surface laptop can be interupted by...

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The NotPetya ‘Not’ Killswitch

In the past few days a new Petya-like ransomware, dubbed NotPetya, infected machines across the world by leveraging some of the NSA’s exploits for the SMB protocol (EternalBlue, EternalRomance),...

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SANS review of ensilo



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