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Manufacturing is the Industry Most Affected by Cyber Attacks

The manufacturing industry is continuing to be heavily targeted and is one of the most susceptible to cyber attacks, such as WannaCry and NotPetya, due the majority of manufacturers depending on...

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enSilo Blocks PinkKite Point of Sale Malware


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Cybersecurity in 120 Secs:  The Threat is Real

This week we began seeing the domino effect of the NSA hacking tools that were released 2 weeks ago;  Chipotle Mexican Grill reported a breach on their payment system (PoS); Verizon's Data Breach...

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CyberSecurity in 120 Secs: The Comeback of Gozi Malware

This week we saw Gozi malware making a comeback, a huge increase in C & C servers using SSL cloaking malware, and Banner Health was compromised with 3.7M patients being affected. (NOTE: enSilo ...

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A Technical Breakdown of ModPOS

ModPOS is the latest in the string of POS malware that’s making the news. As its family name implies, this malware is intent on one: stealing credit card information.

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SANS review of ensilo



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