Day Zero and the Death of Whitelisting


>Zero Day

Why enSilo? Easy – because we stop zero-day malware on day zero.

I mean – lots of companies say they can stop zero-day malware, and truth be told, they probably can. But they’re not going to do it when it matters, which is on day zero.

So if you’re using those other guys you should feel secure in knowing that they’ll get around to stopping that cutting edge new exploit just as soon as they’ve updated their signatures or behavioral data. It won’t be long, you know, a few weeks - tops.

But if your current AV or endpoint security solutions are taking that long to answer new threats – just think how much data you could lose in the meantime.


Pretty much all of it.

It’s not their fault. I mean – not really. Frankly, anything that is signature-based will have a delay. After all, you have to be able to see a threat first before you can truly give it a signature. Behavior and indicator based solutions are no better. Worse, most of them are alert factories that depend on you being able to parse out the bad guys from the really bad guys hidden in millions of look-alike alerts.

And Sandboxing? Please don’t do that to your users. People need to get work done at some point and shuffling them off to a sandbox every single time you need to detonate an unsuspecting e-mail attachment can get tedious.

What else is there…Oh yeah - Application whitelisting. While it seems like a good idea, it’s an old one and a limitation that more and more users simply aren’t standing for. In today’s modern enterprise environments, users are demanding the flexibility to make changes to the quiver of applications that they depend on to do their work. In the past, security professionals have forbidden this because it was simply too hard to secure. With the increasing popularity of things like Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), those days are ending.

How? enSilo can stop new threats – regardless of their complexity, regardless of how new they are – the very first time they attempt to cause damage to the enterprise.

Developed by malware research experts that have made a 30-year career of breaking malware, enSilo knows how exploits are architected and distributed. We also know how some software can come fresh from the development team with exploitable functions built into the design. And most of all, we know the one devastating secret that the rest of the cybersecurity industry isn’t willing to talk about:

We know that eventually – one of these bad actors are going to get in and they’re going to try to take you and your data to the Dark Net.

Not with enSilo. Even if bad actors have compromised a local system, we can stop them from stealing or modifying your data. Our approach is as unique as it is effective. enSilo looks at all of the data-related activities going on within your operating system. When attackers try to maliciously encrypt files or to communicate outbound, they are shutdown in real-time. With your data safe and secure, enSilo alerts your security team so they can remediate the threat, all without disturbing the user who – thanks to the frictionless nature of enSilo – can continue to work and be productive.

It’s a different way of looking at cybersecurity, but it’s one that works and continues to see remarkable success even against the most complex malware seen to date. To learn more about enSilo, contact our sales team or set up a demo



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